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Form an LLC in
Your Company
First, we need to know the name of your company, where it will be formed, and its industry.
What is the name of your LLC?
In the State of , an LLC filing is called the
Please make sure the business name is available by checking ourName Search Page.
Where would you like to form your LLC?
Generally, you should form your LLC in thestate where you live and do business.
Which industry below best describes your business?
Please select the best option from the dropdown menu.If none of the options are applicable, please select "Other."
Don't worry, your answer to this question will not limit the type of business your LLC can engage in.
Owners & Operators
In an LLC, an owner is called a “Member” and an operator is called a “Manager.” A single person (or business) can be both a Manager and a Member
Add another
Total Ownership Percentage:0%
Total Percentage of Owners & Operators is not equal to 100%
The owners of an LLC are called “Members.” The Members will share the profits of the LLC and will appoint the LLC’s Managers.
The “Managers” of the LLC will be responsible for making decisions for the LLC. Most of the time, the initial Members and Managers are the same people (but they don’t have to be).
Please provide the requested information for each Member and Manager of the LLC.Use the checkboxes to designate whether a person is a Member, Manager, or both.
The "Taxes" checkbox refers to the Manager in charge of handling taxes whether local, state, or federal.
We also need to know the Ownership Percentage of each Member. The Members will vote and share profits based on their Ownership Percentages.The Ownership Percentages must add up to 100%.
Registered Agent & Address
Would you like BetterLegal to be your Registered Agent?
BetterLegalcan serve as your Registered Agent for$90/year or $10/month.
76% of business ownerschoose this option to keep theirpersonal addresses privateand make sure important mail likestate compliance notices or service of processaren't missed.
Every LLC must designate an official Registered Agent and in-state Address.The Registered Agent will receive important notices from the government and others concerning taxes, compliance reports, lawsuits, and more.
It is critical that someone responsible serve as Registered Agent and keep regular hours at their address.Your Registered Agent and Registered Address are public information.
State Compliance
Would you like BetterLegal to handle your State Compliance requirements?
BetterLegalcan take care of these periodic reports for$90/year or $10/month.
Many business owners choose this option to make sure they keep theirLLC in good standing with the State of.
States require an LLC to file compliance reports regularly in order to stay in good standing.Failing to file your annual reports can result in the termination of your LLC by the State, and the loss of your LLC’s liability protection and other benefits.
Please let us know who will be responsible for filing these reports on behalf of your LLC.
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