Registered Agent Name or Address Change in Utah

Are you a business owner looking for Utah LLC Registered Agent Change? With the ever-changing nature of business, sometimes it’s important to Registered Agent Name or Address Change your LLC to ensure the most accurate records are kept.

There are various ways to do this based on your state. This guide will walk you through the steps to correctly do this for yourself in Utah:

Fill out

This form is available here for download. Once downloaded, fill it out like so:

  1. Check the "Yes" to the question "Do you want to change the Registered Agent or the Address of the Registered Agent"
  2. Enter the new registered agent name and the Address
  3. Check box for "Optional Inclusion of Ownership Information" (if applicable)
  4. Enter the name, and date of the authorized representative
  5. Sign the form after printing

There's multiple ways to submit this form - online, by mail, via fax, in-person.

Submit it online

Submit it by mail

  1. File two (2) copies of the Amendment
  2. Make cash, check, or money order made payable to the "State of Utah"
  3. Mail forms to PO Box 146705 Salt Lake City Utah 84114-6705

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