What is Vesting?

Starting a business with a partner or bringing on a new partner can quickly lead to issues. Vesting, or stock vesting, is one way to protect yourself.

A LegalZoom Alternative

Comparing BetterLegal to LegalZoom apples to apples Based off of LegalZoom's pricing page, let's do the best comparison we can: BetterLegal - $299 + $300 Texas Filing Fee ($599 Total) We're using Texas as our example Certificate of FormationOperating AgreementEIN (Tax ID)2 day turnaroundDocuments emailed instantlyOngoing Compl

I Want to Get My Own EIN

Our business formation services are packed together both for convenience and ease of use. With this method every single client walks out of the door (or clicks away from the site) with every document they need. And as such, whether you're forming an LLC or a Corp, you will receive a new EIN. But, what if you want to get an EIN on your own? Can you form your EIN after we provide the rest of our ser