An EIN should be part of every package

A new EIN is a must-have for every new business, and every LLC formation service should include it standard.

If you're planning on opening a bank account in the name of your new LLC, you will absolutely need a new EIN (Tax ID) for your new entity. You may already have an EIN as a sole proprietor, but if you are forming a new LLC, you need a new EIN specifically for that LLC. Many of our competitors, whose LLC formation services only add this as an up-sell (or as part of their more expensive packages) are not providing everything you need!

At BetterLegal, we've decided that we'd rather present our customers with one complete business-formation option than a confusing a la carte menu. For that reason, your EIN is included: standard.

Here are a few screenshots from various popular banks regarding their business bank account requirements

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LegalZoom and others offer a lower price point in their advertising, how does BetterLegal match up? Many of our competitors offer a lower price point in their ads then allow you to choose which option is best for you. We consider this practice unnecessary as it forces customers to research what they might need for their particular use case. If you select the wrong option, you can end up waiting 6+