An EIN Should Be Part of Every Package

A new EIN is a must-have for every new business, and every LLC formation service should include it standard. However, that is often not the case. In fact, if you take a look at some of our competitors, you'll find that not only is not included, it costs extra to get a new EIN number. They aren't providing you everything you need to successfully get your new business off the ground and running.

If you're planning on opening a bank account in the name of your new LLC, you will absolutely need a new EIN (Tax ID) for your new entity. You may already have an EIN as a sole proprietor, but if you are forming a new LLC, you need a new EIN specifically for that LLC. We delve a little further into EINs and why you need an EIN here, but just know that you do in fact NEED an EIN number.

Here at BetterLegal, we've decided that we'd prefer to present our customers with one complete business-formation option rather than a confusing a la carte menu. For that reason, your EIN is always included: standard.

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