BetterLegal- The Best Way To Get An LLC

Explain your competitor's lower price vs BetterLegal's $299...

In addition to being the fastest way to form a business entity or get an LLC, we're also the least expensive way. So, why do LegalZoom and others offer a lower price point in their advertising, and how does BetterLegal match up?

The short answer: lack of expertise

The long answer: Many of our competitors offer a lower price point in their ads. However, one you get to the point of purchase, you're on your own. You have to determine the right option for your business and find all the requirement documents alone. We, on the other hand, consider this practice unnecessary. If you select the wrong option, you could end up waiting 6+ weeks for our competitors to snail mail you your LLC documents, only to discover that you don't have what you need to open a bank account or pay your employees.

We take the guesswork out of it. We know what documents you need to successfully establish your business, and we aren't interested in making you figure it out for yourself. Our pricing option fits most use cases and provides all the documents any bank would require to open an account in your LLC's name. We're also the fastest option in our industry, our only bottleneck being each individual state's stated turnaround time.

So, if you want the complete package, with everything taken care of quickly and efficiently, BetterLegal is the answer.

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