What is Vesting?

Starting a business with a partner or bringing on a new partner can quickly lead to issues. Vesting, or stock vesting, is one way to protect yourself.

I Don't Need An EIN

We hate to break it to you... but unless you just got an EIN for your new business, you definitely need one. Here's the why and the how, of why you need an EIN number and how to get one. What if you already have an EIN? Can it be converted to your new LLC?No, EINs cannot be shared between businesses or converted. Every new LLC needs a new EIN. The LLC you are forming is a brand new entity and req

Benefits of a separate entity

Do you need a separate entity (LLC/corporation) for your business? Why not just be a sole proprietor? A separate entity can provide: Potential Tax Benefits - There are often significant tax savings that can be realized by setting up a separate entity. To begin with, it's simply easier to separate your deductible business expenses from your non-deductible personal expenses. But a properly-structure