What is Vesting?

Starting a business with a partner or bringing on a new partner can quickly lead to issues. Vesting, or stock vesting, is one way to protect yourself.

A LegalZoom Alternative

Comparing BetterLegal to LegalZoom apples to apples Based off of LegalZoom's pricing page, let's do the best comparison we can: https://www.legalzoom.com/business/business-formation/llc-pricing.html BetterLegal - $299 + $300 Texas Filing Fee ($599 Total) We're using Texas as our example Certificate of FormationOperating AgreementEIN (Tax ID)2 day turnaroundDocuments emailed instantlyOngoing Compl

I Want to Get My Own EIN

Our business formation services are packed together both for convenience and ease of use. With this method every single client walks out of the door (or clicks away from the site) with every document they need. And as such, whether you're forming an LLC or a Corp, you will receive a new EIN. But, what if you want to get an EIN on your own? Can you form your EIN after we provide the rest of our ser

I Don't Need An EIN

We hate to break it to you... but unless you just got an EIN for your new business, you definitely need one. Here's the why and the how, of why you need an EIN number and how to get one. What if you already have an EIN? Can it be converted to your new LLC?No, EINs cannot be shared between businesses or converted. Every new LLC needs a new EIN. The LLC you are forming is a brand new entity and req

Do I need to fill out how much money I've put into my LLC into the form?

Situations exist where you may not know the amount initially invested in your LLC. This part of the form is for the Operating Agreement we generate which determines the rules of how your LLC works. The amount invested by each Member is generally for Multi-Member LLCs so there is written record of who invested what and how much percentage they own of the LLC. You may leave the amount invested as $0

Should I fill out the Single-Member or Multi-Member LLC form?

Which form is right for you? There are a few answers to this, but most of the time a sole business owner should fill out the Single-Member form. If you have more than one Member or Manager, you need to fill out the Multi-Member form. The only other reason to fill out the Multi-Member form as a sole business owner is that you are choosing not to act as your own Registered Agent.

In which State should I form my LLC?

Is one state better than another? State Fees and Turnaround Times Choosing the right state for your limited liability company (LLC) is an important decision for you to make, and you should carefully consider your options. By default, you should generally plan to form your LLC in the state where you live and do business. This is particularly true if your LLC will have an office or storefront in you

Can I form a 501c3 Non-Profit LLC?

Can an LLC qualify for a 501c3 tax exemption determination? Yes and no. "501c3" is a tax designation granted by the IRS to qualifying non-profit entities. The most typical type of non-profit entity is a "Non-Profit Corporation," which is a specific type of entity that you can form in any state. Non-Profit Corporations can be granted 501c3 status by the IRS. The problem is that there is currently n