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Why Business Owners Choose BetterLegal To Set Up Their LLC


It was my first time starting a new business and I had no idea how to set up an LLC or what the process would be like, but BetterLegal made it super simple. I answered a short questionnaire, paid my filing fee and in two days I had my Company Agreement, EIN, and Formation from the State. I highly recommend using BetterLegal if you are starting a new business I know I’ll be using them again.


When I decided it was time to set up an LLC for my fitness business, BetterLegal could not have made the process any easier. I was able to complete the online form in less than 10 minutes. The tutorials within the form walked me through the process quickly, having services like this becomes extremely important for driving my business forward without untimely delays.


I visited a few websites that drew me in with the promise of low fees, but the costs started piling up throughout the process. I felt cheated, but when I found BetterLegal, the fee they promised was the fee I paid. The process couldn’t have been easier. It took me 4 minutes to set up my LLC when I expected it to take at least an hour.

We're Not Only the Fastest, Most Affordable Service, We Also Specialize in LLC Formations

Even with their "Express Packages", services like LegalZoom take weeks to physically mail you binders of documents (many of which you don't need). We're a 21st century company that makes the process fast, easy and inexpensive - without the unnecessary waste of time or paper.


  • BEST PRICE: Our cost is what we say it is: $299 (plus state filing fee)
  • FASTEST TURNAROUND TIME: Receive your Documents in 2 business days
  • FASTEST USER EXPERIENCE: BetterLegal takes most users 5-10 minutes to complete
  • ONLY WHAT YOU NEED, NOTHING YOU DON’T: No upsells or advertisements for products you don’t need.


  • Actual Cost: $488 (plus state filing fee)
  • Receive Your Documents in 7 Days
  • Forced to View Multiple Advertisements
  • Over $325 of optional products they try to sell you (and that you probably don’t need)
  • Prices based on BizFilings “Complete” package with “Rush Filing” Option


  • Actual Cost: $408 (plus state filing fee)
  • Receive Your Documents in 7 Business Days
  • Forced to View Multiple Advertisements
  • Over $1100 of optional products they try to sell you (and that you probably don’t need)
  • Prices based on LegalZoom “Express Gold” package with EIN Optional Service

Hear about the features that set BetterLegal apart from our co-founder.

Transparent fees without the upcharges, and a turnaround time of just 2 business days. The competition can’t match BetterLegal!


LLCs are quickly becoming the most popular type of business entity and for good reason.

Better Protection
Unlike sole proprietorships or general partnerships, all of the owners and managers of an LLC are typically protected against personal liability for business debts and other liabilities. This means creditors can’t collect your personal assets or the personal assets of your managers to pay business debts and judgments.

More Flexibility on Taxes
Unlike corporations, LLCs are very flexible from a tax perspective. With single-member LLCs, you can continue to file an individual tax return, which can make filing your taxes much easier. LLCs can also choose from one of several tax classifications that can often mean tax savings.

Save More of the Profits You Make!
With an LLC you’ll also benefit from avoiding double taxation. Instead of being taxed at the company level and then again at the individual level (as is the case with most corporations), 100% of your LLC’s business income “passes through” to the owners and is only taxed once at their individual income tax rates.

Least Complex Business Structure
Spend more time running your business and less time managing incorporation paperwork. LLCs are more easily set up and managed than corporations, which must issue and track stock certificates and ledgers, and adhere to certain corporate formalities and annual compliance requirements that can be a hassle to keep up with.

Legitimizes Your Business
We live in a time when fly-by-night businesses are running rampant. Establishing an LLC tells your potential customers and clients that your business is legitimate.