Find the Perfect Name for Your LLC

What to Remember When Choosing Your LLC Name

One of the most important aspects of an LLC is its name. You may already have a name in mind, but you should see if it’s available first!

The most common reason a proposed LLC name is rejected is because it’s either identical or very similar to an entity name that has already been registered with your State. To the right is an LLC name searching tool you can use to see if the name you want to use is available in your State. Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining whether your LLC name is too similar to another entity:

  1. Spacing and punctuation does not make one word different from another (ex. AGX, A G X and A.G.X. are all the same).
  2. "And" and "&" are considered the same.
  3. The plural or possessive version of a word is considered the same as the singular version (ex. "Systems" and "System" and “System’s” are the same).
  4. "Four" and "4" and "IV" are considered the same.
  5. Abbreviations are the same as a full word (ex. "Brothers" is the same as "Bros.")
  6. “The”, “A”, and “An” do not alone make one word different from another (ex. “The Kitchen” and “A Kitchen” and “Kitchen” are all considered the same).
  7. The entity suffix at the end of your company name does not make it different from other names (ex. “Business Enterprises, Inc.” is the same as “Business Enterprises, LLC”)

The entity naming rules are complicated, and even if the above guidelines are followed your LLC name may be rejected. But don’t worry, the name search tool on this page will help. When you provide us with your company information, you can also provide two alternative names that you’re willing to use for your LLC. That way you’re covered if your first name is taken.

Please Note: If your LLC name is rejected by the Secretary of State, it may take us a few more days to complete your LLC formation with one of the alternative names you provided. If all of your LLC names are rejected, we’ll get back to you right away and help you select another one!