Articles of Amendment in Georgia

Are you a business owner looking for Georgia LLC Articles of Amendment? With the ever-changing nature of business, sometimes it’s important to Articles of Amendment your LLC to ensure the most accurate records are kept.

There are various ways to do this based on your state. This guide will walk you through the steps to correctly do this for yourself in Georgia:

Fill out CD 115

This form is available here for download. Once downloaded, fill it out like so: To change the name of your LLC, fill out the form providing the information below: 1. Name of LLC 2. Control Number 3. Date of formation 4. New name of LLC 5. Effectiveness of Filing: Filing date/future date (back-dating is not allowed) 6. Date of filing 7. Digital/Wet signature of an authorized person 8. Printed or typed name of the authorized person 9. Capacity of the authorized person 10. Email address for contact

There's multiple ways to submit this form - online, by mail, via fax, in-person.

Submit it online

To file the Articles of Amendment online, follow the instructions below: 1 Login 2. Click on "BUSINESS AMENDMENT NAME CHANGE" 3. Search business name or control number 4. New business name 5. Date of formation 6. Check the box 7. Effectiveness of Filing: Filing date/future date (back-dating is not allowed) 8. Name of an authorized person 9. Leave the title as "Organizer" 10. Review and pay

Submit it by mail

To file the Articles of Amendment by mail, follow the instructions below: 1. Print and complete the form 2. Include a $30 check payable to "Secretary of State" 3. Mail the document and check to Corporations Division, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SE, Suite 313 West Tower, Atlanta, Georgia 30334.

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