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How to Termination in Connecticut LLC

Termination in Connecticut LLC | BetterLegal


Connecticut LLC Certificate of dissolution

Are you a business owner looking for Connecticut LLC Certificate of dissolution? With the ever-changing nature of business, sometimes it’s important to Termination your LLC to ensure the most accurate records are kept.

There are various ways to do this based on your state.
This guide will walk you through the steps to correctly do this for yourself in Connecticut:

Fill out

This form is available here for download. Once downloaded, fill it out like so:

To terminate your LLC, follow the instructions below:
1. Name of LLC
2. Dissolution date
3. Name and signature of an authorized person
4. Printed or typed name of an authorized person
5. Title and date of an authorized person

There's multiple ways to submit this form - online, by mail, via fax, in-person.

Submit it online

To terminate your LLC in Connecticut online, follow the steps below:
1. Login to your account
2. Click File Certificate of Dissolution.
3. Complete the online form with the necessary information
4. Pay the required fee using a credit or debit card.
5. Submit the completed form and fee payment online.
6. Notify any creditors, suppliers, and other business partners that the LLC is being dissolved.
7. Cancel any business licenses, permits, or registrations that the LLC holds with the state of Connecticut or other relevant authorities.
8. Liquidate the LLC's assets and distribute any remaining funds to the LLC's members according to the terms of the LLC's operating agreement.

Submit it by mail

To terminate your LLC in Connecticut by mail, follow the steps below:
1. Fill the form
2. Prepare a cover letter that includes your LLC's name, the reason for dissolution, and the date of dissolution.
3. Mail the completed Certificate of Dissolution form and the cover letter to the Connecticut Secretary of State's office at:
Secretary of State
Commercial Recording Division
P.O. Box 150470
Hartford, CT 06115-0470
4. Pay the filing fee with a check or money order made payable to "Secretary of the State."

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