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How to Termination in Delaware LLC

Termination in Delaware LLC | BetterLegal


Delaware LLC Certificate of Cancellation

Are you a business owner looking for Delaware LLC Certificate of Cancellation? With the ever-changing nature of business, sometimes it’s important to Termination your LLC to ensure the most accurate records are kept.

There are various ways to do this based on your state.
This guide will walk you through the steps to correctly do this for yourself in Delaware:

Fill out can09

This form is available here for download. Once downloaded, fill it out like so:

To terminate your LLC, fill out the form providing the information below
1. Entity name
2. Date of formation
3. Effectiveness of Filing: Filing date/future date (back-dating is not allowed)
4. Digital/Wet signature of an authorized person
5. Printed or typed name of an authorized person

There's multiple ways to submit this form - online, by mail, via fax, in-person.

Submit it online

To file the Certificate of Cancellation online, follow the instructions below: 1. log in to website https://icis.corp.delaware.gov/ecorp2/services/e-filing
2. Click on the Person icon at the top right to make sure you're signed in. Then Choose Upload Documents and Choose Priority 4 (24 hour)
3. Submitter information should be prepopulated with BetterLegal contact information (if not, you aren't logged in - then go to upload document)
4. Document Request Type is Document Filing Request, then upload the PDF you just saved.
5. For Corporation Name, enter the entity name followed by LLC
6. Leave Corporation Number and Reservation Number blank
7. For Document Type, enter Certificate of Cancellation of Limited Liability Company
8. Leave other Filing Information section blank
9. Choose a return method
10. Pay with credit card
11. Save the service request number

Submit it by mail

To file the Certificate of Cancellation by mail, follow the instructions below: 1. Print the form (including the cover letter; https://corpfiles.delaware.gov/updatedfilingmemoandinstructionsOct22.pdf ) and sign
2. Make a check or money order payable to the "Delaware Secretary of State"
3. Mail the completed form in duplicate along with the filing fee to: Delaware Division of Corporations
401 Federal Street – Suite 4
Dover, DE 19901

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