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Things every business needs right away

There are some things your new business always needs right away. We provide them to you. No more guessing games!

Entity Formation Document - registers your new business with the State

  • Certificate of Formation; Articles of Incorporation
  • Filed with the Secretary of State
  • Establishes your business as a separate legal entity

Employer Identification Number - gives you a federal tax identification #

  • Obtained from the IRS at
  • Required to open a bank account or if you have employees

Company Agreement (LLC) or Bylaws (Corporation)

  • Your business's main governing document and critical to your company's governance.
  • Sets the rules for your company that all of the owners and managers/directors have to follow.
  • Often also required by banks to open a bank account.

Don't have a name for your business yet?

If you're struggling with naming your business, get some help from artificial intelligence! Just tell BusinessNameZone a few things about your business and they'll create a unique name just for you as well as make sure the website address is available!

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