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Things every business needs right away

There are some things your new business always needs right away. We provide them to you. No more guessing games!

Entity Formation Document - registers your new business with the State

  1. Certificate of Formation; Articles of Incorporation
  2. Filed with the Secretary of State
  3. Establishes your business as a separate legal entity

Employer Identification Number - gives you a federal tax identification #

  1. Obtained from the IRS at www.irs.gov
  2. Required to open a bank account or if you have employees

Company Agreement (LLC) or Bylaws (Corporation)

  1. Your business's main governing document and critical to your company's governance.
  2. Sets the rules for your company that all of the owners and managers/directors have to follow.
  3. Often also required by banks to open a bank account.

Don't have a name for your business yet?

If you're struggling with naming your business, get some help from artificial intelligence! Just tell BusinessNameZone a few things about your business and they'll create a unique name just for you as well as make sure the website address is available!

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