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BetterLegal's Registered Agent Service
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Receive your addressimmediately
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Your Company
We need some information about your company so we know who we're accepting mail and service of process on behalf of.
What is the full legal name of your LLC?
ExampleABC Tile
It's important that the name of the legal entity is exact. Registered Agent mail will be sent to legal name, not a DBA.
Also note the difference between
ABC Tile LLCandABC Tile, L.L.C.
What is the entity type of your company?
Depending on your entity type, different actions apply.
Please make sure the entity type is set correctly. If your business is a Corporation, but we think we're accepting mail for an LLC, things can get messed up.
In which state are we providing your  registered agent service?
Generally, you should choose a Registered Agent Service for your  in the state where you live and do business.
Personal Information
We need to know who we are forwarding mail and service of process to.
Who is BetterLegal's contact?
First Name
Last Name
Information sent to BetterLegal on behalf of your business will be forwarded by email only.
On occasion, if you need a physical mail item forwarded to you, we can provide this service for an additional cost per item forwarded.
Additional Information
Is this a new or existing ?
If this is an existing business, a change amendment will need to be filed with the state.
BetterLegal can provide this service for an additional fee.
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